Timely Pro

Timely Pro is the evolution of the amazing Timely application.  Timely Pro is the one-button timecard solution for contractors, freelancers, people working multiple jobs, supervisors who track employees’ time, and anyone else who wants more from their timecard without having to do any work.
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Timely Pro builds on the success of the Timely application, adding support for five fully-independent timecards.  Now you can run five independent Timely instances side-by-side!  Each instance is fully-contained, letting you choose your own settings, view reports, delete clockins, and more!

  • Track billable hours for multiple clients
  • Track your employees’ time
  • Track multiple jobs
  • Track personal projects

The possibilities are endless!

Timely Pro lets you clock in and out and calculates your hourly and weekly wages in real-time.  Do you have an employer who’s finicky about being *exact* on your timesheet?  Do you have trouble keeping track of lunch and coffee breaks?  Want more motivation to get through your workday?  Timely Pro is for you.


* Shows real-time wage earnings.  Have you earned enough today to pay for gas?  A quick look at Timely Pro, and you will know.

* Keeps working even when other applications are running.  Clock in and then take a phone call.  Come back later to see how much you’ve earned.

* Super-accurate: adds and aggregates work periods as small as a nanosecond.  Clocking in and out all the time is no problem for Timely Pro.

* Records and Reports:  Timely Pro lets you audit each time record in the database.  The new daily summaries feature automatically tallies all your work time for each day.  Forgot to clock out?  Now you can delete time records too!

* Overtime support.  Watch your earnings grow even faster when you’re over X hours per week.

* Track up to five separate jobs or tasks.  Each tab is fully independent.

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