Hi Steve, I’m an iPhone developer. I’ve got four apps live in the store, one in review, and several more I’m working on. Plus the 3-4 apps that I’ve written for clients that they have listed under their own accounts. TUAW says you pulled GV Mobile. Not only do I use this app every day, […]

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UPDATE:Looking for an Austin iPhone Developer? I’m now accepting qualified clients. Learn more about my iPhone and iPad app development services. Or: Why finding an iPhone developer is so hard The answer is simple: all the good people are already busy. Wow, you just got your shiny new iPhone! You can download all these great […]

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If you’re trying to talk to an MFMailComposeViewController and are setting the delegate property (you know, like every other class in the iPhone SDK), you’re doing it wrong. You need to set mailComposeDelegate. Oh, and just to confuse you, delegate is left in, so as not to cause any warnings or compile errors. It just […]

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