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Just for fun, I’ve thrown together a quick&dirty landing site for Timely from some templates.  I’m interested in seeing whether having a high-quality landing page causes an uptick in sales as well as whether AdWords is profitable for a decent niche iPhone app.  Will report back with results.

In other news, my consulting landing page has been a huge success–I’ve landed close to $15k in clients for a total AdWords outlay of under $200.  I actually had to turn off AdWords months ago because I simply had way too many inquiries.  There’s room for improvement here–I want to implement a “inquiry” web form designed to turn away the revenue sharing people–but I think to do so myself at this precise moment would be penny-wise and pound-foolish.  Any students out there who want to do a small webapp contract job?

WWDC was really fantastic–I met some great people and have some great ideas for some new apps.  One is currently in private beta.  Don’t have a whole lot of time to pursue my own stuff with my contract work, but I’m doing what I can in the cracks.  Also, finding high-quality, reliable artists for iPhone stuff is a pain.

Want me to build your app / consult for your company / speak at your event? Good news! I'm an iOS developer for hire.

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