It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time before software. If you wanted to do your taxes, you would ask your accountant; if you wanted to know how many people lived in Austin you would ask your librarian; if you wanted to back up your business records you got a photocopier and some […]

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2 Sep 2011, by

On music

I’ve blogged in the bast about how I don’t believe in a distinction between applied and theoretical math. But there is a distinction, a distinction most of the world has completely forgotten about, between applied and theoretical music. What? Quick, think of your favorite song. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. No seriously, think of one before […]

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Shannon Entropy (aka information entropy, hereafter abbreviated SE) is one of the most important, under-appreciated, and very often misunderstood aspects of theoretical computer science, with applications in compression, encryption,  signaling, and even applications as remote as statistics.  This article is a brief, accessible[1], CS-oriented introduction to SE and its applications. I should note before we dive in […]

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