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Phonepipe was one of my random app ideas that really never got the love and attention it deserved. I wrote it in a weekend, and then Monday happened and real work happened and it ended up on the shelf. There never was a terribly big market for it, and it would be too much work for people to run their own server stack just to get one-off notifications when the compile was done.

Well today I’m finally releasing it. Notifo published a new API allowing you to send notifications to yourself. In the space of about an hour, I copy-pasta-ed some old phonepipe code to target the new API.

Phonepipe has changed the way I work. I’m much more apt to go take a walk or get involved in a conversation with someone knowing that I’ll be pinged as soon as the download’s done and it won’t cost me any precious work time. I’ve found myself outside more, more social, and overall more productive. Not bad for a crappy little python script.

Go play with phonepipe. Patches and feedback welcome.

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