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Terrain heightfield interpolation

How to nicely interpolate terrain heightfields

I blame 'blame culture'

There was water on my floor

Antipolicy is policy

A recurring trick in modern politics

Paperclips R Us

The rationalists have a thought prophecy to warn us about the dangers of strong AI...

Toward a Higher-Order Metapolitics

I propose a new solution to all our political problems

The problem with cubic bezier curvature

There's one small problem with finding the curvature of a cubic bezier path

Rectangle intersection at 60fps

how to achieve 4.0 gigaintersections/second

What we wished for

In “The Four Quadrants of Conformism” Paul Graham is concerned about a decline in free inquiry.

Against man splaining

I have recently noticed a growing problem in hacker culture, and I’m getting more concerned.

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